AGM IRKHS'S 2009/2010


21st DECEMBER 2010
8.00 PM
~refreshments will be provided..


NeVeR QuiT


Things do go wrong, they sometimes will,
The road you tread may go uphill.
Your spirit is down,too discouraged to try.
You want to smile,but you have to sigh.
When troubles press you down a bit,
Rest if you must,but never quit.

Life is full of twists and turns,
Expecting these,we have to learn.
Sometimes we win,sometimes we lose,
To do our best,we have to choose.
Don't give up,I wish to advise,
You may succeed with just another try.

Often the struggler may just give up,
When he might have won the victor's cup.
He might learn too late,when he is old,
How close he was to the crown of gold.

Success is failure overcome,
Look for the silver lining,and don't glum.
So stick to the fight,trying every bit,
It's when things seem bad,
That you must never quit....

** got this from a calendar which i got from an event....

Top 5 cancer causing FooD

The top five cancer-causing foods are:

1.. Hot Dogs

Because they are high in nitrates, the Cancer Prevention Coalition advises that children eat no more than 12 hot dogs a month. If you can't live without hot dogs, buy those made without sodium nitrate.

2. Processed meats and Bacon
Also high in the same sodium nitrates found in hot dogs, bacon, and other processed meats raise the risk of heart disease. The saturated fat in bacon also contributes to cancer.

3. Doughnuts

Doughnuts are cancer-causing double trouble. First, they are made with white flour, sugar, and hydrogenated oils, then fried at high temperatures. Doughnuts, says Adams , may be the worst food you can possibly eat to raise your risk of cancer.

4. French fries

Like doughnuts, French fries are made with hydrogenated oils and then fried at high temperatures. They also contain cancer- causing acryl amides which occur during the frying process. They should be called cancer fries, not French fries, said Adams .

5. Chips, crackers, and cookies

All are usually made with white flour and sugar. Even the ones whose labels claim to be free of trans-fats generally contain small amounts of trans-fats.

*** tq farhana 4 the info

LivER DamAGe

The main causes of liver damage are :

1. Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause.

2. Not urinating in the morning.

3 . Too much eating.

4. Skipping breakfast.

5. Consuming too much medication.

6. Consuming too much preservatives, additives, food coloring, and artificial sweetener.

7. Consuming unhealthy cooking oil.

As much as possible reduce cooking oil use when frying, which includes even the best cooking oils like olive oil. Do not consume fried foods when you are tired, except if the body is very fit.

8. Consuming raw (overly done) foods also add to the burden of liver.

Veggies should be eaten raw or cooked 3-5 parts. Fried veggies should be finished in one sitting, do not store. We should prevent this without necessarily spending more. We just have to adopt a good daily lifestyle and eating habits. Maintaining good eating habitsand time condition are very important for our bodies to absorb and get rid of unnecessary chemicals according to 'schedule.'

*** tq farhana for these valuable info....

BrAin DamaGinG

Brain Damaging Habits

1. No breakfast

People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration.

2. Overeating

It causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental power.

3. Smoking

It causes multiple brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer disease.

4. High sugar consumption

Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients causing malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.

5. Air pollution

The brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our 20 body. Inhaling polluted air decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, bringing about a decrease in brain efficiency.

6. Sleep deprivation

Sleep allows our brain to rest.. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells.

7. Head covered while sleeping

Sleeping with the head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and decrease concentration of oxygen that may lead to brain damaging effects.

8. Working your brain during illness

Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain.

9. Lacking in stimulating thoughts

Thinking is the best way to train our brain, lacking in brain stimulation thoughts may cause brain shrinkage.

10. Talking rarely

Intellectual conversations will promote the efficiency of the brain.

** got this from email....just want to share something important...
tq farhana for this info


اللهم يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي على دينك وطاعتك

wahai tuhan yang membolak balikkan hati tetapkanlah hatiku di atas agamaMu dan mentaatiMu..

10 Ways To fail.......

10 Ways to Fail in Life, Almost Guaranteed

By Patric Chan
Creator of
Success Trace Private Membership

So you want to be successful in life? Is that what you want? Then you better stop failing and become aware of these 10 ways to fail in life.

You see, I've been asked many times for how to achieve success and weird enough, seems like nobody's taking that advice seriously. Then I realized one thing - most people are ALREADY failing before they even get started!

This article is slightly controversial compared to the normal goodie-goodie personal development advice because this is the TRUTH. If I want to keep everyone happy and write about the colorful rainbow, birds chirping, flowers blooming, etc then I should just opens up a nursery home and take care of children. I want to tell you the truth straight to your face because I've been there and heard the garbage lies thrown everywhere.

Avoid these and you'll automatically be on the right track (provided you want to be successful)…

1. Mixing With Losers

It's a guaranteed way to fail in life with this. Whatever you like to do, losers will just tell you it won't work and after some time, you will also become a loser. High five, welcome to the losers' club. Something about losers you should know: they like to recruit new people and are very comfortable in their shoes. They don't welcome change. So when you see someone with either of these two characteristics, you know what you should do.

2. Don't Know What You Want

The most common goal I hear all of the time is, "I want to be rich". I mean it's fine with that generic goal but the problem is, how rich do you want to be? Or how rich is rich? Put it this way - the methods used to make a million and $3,000 are different. No wonder some people couldn't experience breakthroughs in life because they are playing small for big goals. If you want to make a million, you better put in that level of commitment, bucko.

3. You Want Everything

It's nice to have a lot of things but if you go chasing everything, you get nothing. Let me tell you why - you only have 24 hours a day and you've got to focus on your priorities. I know, I know, you can hire others and so on but the fact is, you've got to want 'something' first to lead to another 'something', then to everything. Make sense?

4. Watching "The Secret" Way Too Much

I'm not here to criticize Law Of Attractions (LOA) and don't want to receive hate emails. As a matter of fact, I do believe in it and have friends who appeared in the Secrets. But it's a surefire way to fail if you keep on watching "The Secret" and doing ‘attraction' by sitting down on your floor manifesting 3 hours a day. In my point of view, scientifically, Law of Attraction runs on the concept of 'believing'. When you believe you can achieve your goal, you will take actions to actually achieve it but if you don't understand this basic element and think LOA is some sort of miracle remedy, oh boy, you're in for a big surprise for failure.

5. You Don't Truly Know Why You Want Success

Wanting everything is bad enough - but it gets even worse if you don't even know the reason why you're trying to achieve your goal. What's the deal? Without a solid reason, a compelling reason, where are you going to find the motivation and encouragement for you to overcome obstacles? You think it's going to be fun ride to success? Then you haven't been traveling - it's a rocky road, my friend. Most people failed to achieve their goals because they never complete the journey– they give up half way (or at the beginning) because they cannot see the worth of accomplishments.

6. You Don't Remember Your Roots

The thing I get most irritated about is people who achieved success and never felt gratitude towards those who have helped them. Is it so hard to say thank you? The law of reciprocity is simple – you return favors to those who helped you in the past. And maybe, they'll help you again in the future. Remember this - it takes more than just you to achieve success, so don't be a jerk.

7. You Think You're Smart

The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving yourself. If you don't want to fail in life, make you sure you stop acting as though you already know everything. The fact is, all successful people are people who continuously learn to be even more successful. They don't stop. Let me put it in this perspective - you don't know what you don't know, you know?

8. You Listen To The Wrong People

I watched this funny movie called, "He Is Just Not That Into You" and it just reaffirmed what I'm about to tell you. At the beginning of the movie, it shows a clip of a boy pushing a girl in the playground because he somehow doesn't like her. He thinks she smells like dog pooh. She cried and asked her mum why did the boy do that to her. And her mum replied, "It's because boys do that to girls when they like you." Do yourself a favor, don't get wrong advice. It'll stick in your brain and lead you to make stupid interpretations in life.

9. You Think Short Term

You'll hear this happening often in many 'successful' people's stories – make a lot of money to lose it all. This probably because they became too comfortable and the other thing is, once you achieve success, you should ride on the wave when the momentum is there. When you think short term, you're only going after the instant pleasure. You must learn to master ‘delay gratification' so that you can enjoy your today's labor.

10. You're Blind To What Is Important In Life

I believe there are only two things that are important in your life – control of time and experiencing happiness. Money, love, big cars, diamonds, etc are the things that contribute to these two benchmarks of successes. For instance, if you have money, you don't need to work so that you can have more time to do the things you like. It's not the money that you're trying to get but what the money CAN DO FOR YOU. I know this topic is bigger than one sentence explanation but I guess you get the point.

So now you know the 10 ways to fail in life. Question is, are you doing any of these? I'll be BS'ng you if I said I don't. I'm human, flesh and blood - I do mistakes too.

But I was fortunate to experience my fair share of success today because I learn powerful lessons from other successful people…

"It's okay to fail and you should fail as many times as you can. That is how you learn but more importantly, you should never give up – each time you get kick dirt in your face, wash your face and ‘fight' back. Don't go crying like a sissy because Mum's not going to come cleaning your face."

Are you ready? Go get your goals.

Patric Chan is the creator of Success Trace Private Membership

*** just want to share an article that i read..

Ada Apa Dengan.........................??

Ada apa dengan

S U C C E S S ??

S - sasaran yang tinggi

U - usaha berterusan

C - cemburu kejayaan orang lain

C - ceria bila ulangkaji

E - elak dari sifat cepat puas hati

S - soal diri dengan soalan positif

S - sentiasa dekat dengan PENCIPTA

credit to Hujan Sakinah....


Thinking Styles in the Quran

1. Inquisitive Thinking Style

2. Objective Thinking Style

3. Positive Thinking Style

4. Hypothetical Thinking

5. Rational Thinking

6. Reflective / Contemplative Thinking

7. Visual Thinking

8. Metaphorical Thinking

9. Analogical Thinking

10. Emotional Thinking

11. Perceptual Thinking

12. Conceptual Thinking

13. Intuitive Thinking

14. Scientific Thinking

15. Wishful Thinking

source : Creative Thinking An Islamic Perspective by Jamal Badi and Mustapha Tajdin..


Yakin pada ALLAH

bukanlah mengharap terkabulnya segala harapan,

Yakin pada ALLAH

bukanlah pada keindahan nikmat,

Yakin pada ALLAH

adalah meletakkan keredhaan pada ketentuanNYA,

rasa bahagia dengan ujian walaupun perit dirasa.

Madah dari Hujan Sakinah

melangkah itu mudah,
namun mencari arah itu yang terkadang payah.

mencari jalan itu mudah,
namun memahami destinasi itu yang susah.

menyusuri susur itu mudah,
namun menuju noktah itu pasti mendatangkan lelah.

dalam semua hal ini,
menjaga istiqamah itu paling susah,payah dan lelah,

namun DIA amat faham,
bagi hambaNYA,
DIA tidak meminta manusia menjadi yang terbaik,
hanya perlu untuk melakukan yang terbaik,
meletakkan sandaran dan keyakinan penuh kepadaNYA,
lantas nescaya DIA akan menguruskan yang selebihnya.
agar yang terbaik itu menjadi milik hambaNYA.

moga perjalanan kita sentiasa di dalam lindungan dan penjagaan ALLAH S.W.T



kadang-kadang insan ini lemah maka kuatkanlah,

kadang-kadang dia resah maka tenangkanlah,

kadang-kadang dia gentar maka campakkanlah keberanian ke dalam hatinya,

dia meminta maka kabulkanlah,

dia berjuang maka permudahkanlah,

dia menuntut ilmuMu maka faqihkanlah,

dia yakin padaMu maka KAU Maha Tahu apa yang terbaik untuknya,

kau sentiasalah lindungi & rahmati hidupnya..


** syukran buat kakakku Nurussyifa' Abd Razak...

Come and Join Us

remaining program under IS CAR '10
IRK Mega Sport
26th september 2010 ( SUNDAY )
female n male sport complex iium
8.00 am...
badminton, futsal, ping pong, netball
Closing ceremony & Islamic Art Performance
27th september 2010 ( MONDAY )
main audi, iium
quran recitation by bro. tarmizi ( 1st winner in Akademi Alquran 4)
dikir barat
nasyid performance
video show


Ya Allah...Maha Suci Allah...Pencipta Yang Maha Bijaksana....sungguh indah ciptaanMu...begitu banyak nikmat kurniaanMu...

** terasa nak kongsi gambar-gambar pemandangan yang cantik ni

EiD mUbArAk...

assalamualaikum....selamat hari raya..maaf zahir batin...ampun kan salah silap ye...sama-sama tingkatkan amalan di bulan syawal ni dan bulan-bulan seterusnya...moga-moga dapat bertemu Ramadhan akan datang....moga hidup kita sentiasa diberkati ALLAH....minal aidil wal faizin....eid mubarak...


biskut mazola....kuih raya kedua untk raya tahun ni...umi buat lain sikit...letak chocolate rice atas kuih ni....mengambil masa yang agak lama nak buat kuih ni....perlukan kesabaran yang tinggi..huhu


cornflake coklat....

ini la 1st kuih raya yang dibuat untuk raya kali favourite....senang aje nak buatnya...


selamat meneruskan ibadah di bulan mulia yang hanya tinggal beberapa hari je lagi...manfaatkan baki waktu yang masih ada....nk share sedikit tentang thinking style yang dah dipelajari, tapi belum berkesempatan nak berbuat demikian..sebab banyak kerja penting yang perlu diselesaikan...tak lupa juga, selamat hari raya pada semua..manfaatkan cuti yang ada dengan sebaiknya...siapkan tugasan yang bertimbun..lepas cuti raya ada tugasan lain yang menanti di samping exam yang perlu dijawab....

ThiS wEeK

DATE : 27TH AUGUST 2010 / 17 RAMADHAN 1431
TIME : 5 PM TO 10 PM

how to win friends and influence people

** saja nak kongsi buku yang saya dah baca ni...buku ni sgt menarik..byk benda baru yg sy pelajari dari buku ini...

Tajuk : How to Win Friends and Influence People
Bagaimana Memenangi Hati Kawan dan Mempengaruhi Orang Lain
(Edisi Bahasa Melayu)
Oleh : Dale Carnegie
Diterbitkan oleh : PTS PROFESSIONAL Publishing Sdn. Bhd.

** buku ini terbahagi kepada 4 bahagian:

1. teknik-teknik asas menangani manusia
2. enam perkara yang perlu dilakukan supaya orang lain menyukai kita
3. bagaimana memikat orang lain mengikut cara pemikiran kita
4. menjadi pemimpin : bagaimana mengubah sikap orang lain tanpa menyinggung atau membangkitkan kemarahan

** dalam buku ini juga disertakan dengan sebahagian daripada kisah hidup penulis yang berasal dari keluarga miskin. beliau akhirnya menjadi orang yang berjaya dalam kerjayanya.

** untuk berjaya kita mestilah bersungguh-sungguh
**kebiasaannya, untuk berjaya seseorang itu menghadapi pelbagai cabaran sebelum berada di zon selesa..

**slmt membaca..blh cari buku ni di kedai-kedai buku..terbitan PTS PROFESSIONAL Publishing Sdn Bhd...berbaloi!!! hehe :)

U get what U expect

You Get What You Expect

By Dr. Robert Anthony,
Author of
"Advanced Formula For Total Success"

Whatever you expect to happen is determined by the thoughts you dwell upon plus the intensity of the emotions behind those thoughts. It is worth repeating that our subconscious does not question the validity of the data we present to it. It merely processes it and attracts to us what we believe to be true.

If we are using imagery to change habit patterns, we must see ourselves acting and reacting the way we want to be in the future. It doesn't matter how we acted today or yesterday.

Once our subconscious gets hold of our new thought, our brain-mind, functioning together through our central nervous system, will take over and we will automatically assume the new behavior patterns. The key is to be able to picture or imagine the end result so vividly that it appears real.

We have learned that our subconscious mind functions in terms of goals or end results. Once the subconscious has accepted an idea, you can absolutely depend upon it to take you to that goal. If we will supply the end results, our subconscious will supply the "how to." It will show us how to reach that end result.

Think of the end results in terms of present possibilities. They must be seen so clearly that they seem real to your brain and nervous system. The ultimate aim of affirmation and visualization is to evoke the feeling that the goal is already achieved.

Feel as though it has already been achieved and your imagery will pull you toward the end result that you desire. Imagine it in as much detail as possible. Keep using the imaging process over and over again for the same goal. In the beginning, don't worry about whether you are putting in enough detail. Every time you visualize you will automatically incorporate more and more detail.

Always put yourself in the picture. See yourself involved in the activities
of your goal. If you do not put yourself in the picture, you may not be in
the end result. Suppose you want a new car - let's say a new BMW. You
visualize the car and faithfully infuse your imagery with emotion, detail
and repetition. And then, all of a sudden, a new BMW comes into your
life. You look out the window of your house and your neighbor is driving
a new BMW! You now have new BMW in your life, but you are not in it!
So, make sure you identify yourself with your goal.

All successful individuals have started with a picture held in their mind.
They visualized and affirmed what they wanted to be, to do and to have.
And then they instructed their subconscious with clarity and repetition.

*** source : my dad


Aishah R.A berkata bahawa Asma’ Binti Abu Bakar pernah masuk ke rumah Nabi SAW dengan berpakaian tipis, kemudian Nabi memalingkan mukanya sambil berkata ; “ Hai Asma’ ! Sesungguhnya perempuan apabila sudah datang waktu haidnya (sudah baligh) tidak patut dinampakkan badannya, kecuali ini dan ini – sambil menunjukkan muka dan dua tapak tangannya.” (Riwayat Abu Daud)
Hijab ertinya tabir, tirai atau dinding dan digunakan juga dengan ertikata perselindungan wanita di dalam Islam daripada pandangan lelaki ajnabi, yakni yang bukan mahram. Rasulullah SAW telah menerangkan bahawa wanita ialah aurat yang mesti diselindungkan.
Sebagaimana yang sesuai dengan fitrahnya, peranan wanita yang asasi ialah sebagai ibu, pembantu bagi suaminya dan pengasuh serta pendidik bagi anak-anaknya. Lapangan kegiatannya yang terpenting ialah di dalam lingkungan rumahtangga. Dia menolong memperkukuhkan sistem keluarga, sedangkan keluarga itu pula menjadi tapak atau asas bagi masyarakat atau peradaban. Hanya apabila ada hajat atau keperluan dari segi syar’ie sahaja, ia diharuskan keluar rumah, tetapi dengan menjaga peraturan-peraturan dan syarat-syarat tertentu yang ditetapkan oleh Allah di dalam syariatNya.
Wanita-wanita Islam memainkan peranan yang tidak kurang pentingnya daripada lelaki, tetapi banyak di dalam perselindungan. Dengan ini, kemuliaan dan kehormatan mereka terpelihara, lelaki pun terselamat daripada fitnah mereka, yakni terselamat daripada tergoda. Maka kesucian hidup pun dapat dipelihara di dalam masyarakat.
Allah berfirman Surah Annur 30
maksudnya :
30. Katakanlah (Wahai Muhammad) kepada orang-orang lelaki Yang beriman supaya mereka menyekat pandangan mereka (daripada memandang Yang haram), dan memelihara kehormatan mereka. Yang demikian itu lebih suci bagi mereka; Sesungguhnya Allah amat mendalam pengetahuannya tentang apa Yang mereka kerjakan.
Allah berfirman: Surah Annur 31
mafhumnya :
31. dan Katakanlah kepada perempuan-perempuan Yang beriman supaya menyekat pandangan mereka (daripada memandang Yang haram), dan memelihara kehormatan mereka; dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka kecuali Yang zahir daripadanya; dan hendaklah mereka menutup belahan leher bajunya Dengan tudung kepala mereka; dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka melainkan kepada suami mereka, atau bapa mereka atau bapa mertua mereka atau anak-anak mereka, atau anak-anak tiri mereka, atau saudara-saudara mereka, atau anak bagi saudara-saudara mereka Yang lelaki, atau anak bagi saudara-saudara mereka Yang perempuan, atau perempuan-perempuan Islam, atau hamba-hamba mereka, atau orang gaji dari orang-orang lelaki Yang telah tua dan tidak berkeinginan kepada perempuan, atau kanak-kanak Yang belum mengerti lagi tentang aurat perempuan; dan janganlah mereka menghentakkan kaki untuk diketahui orang akan apa Yang tersembunyi dari perhiasan mereka; dan bertaubatlah kamu sekalian kepada Allah, Wahai orang-orang Yang beriman, supaya kamu berjaya.
Ayat di atas ini juga melarang wanita-wanita beriman daripada mendedahkan aurat atau perhiasan mereka (sama ada bentuk tubuh atau barang-barang perhiasan yang dipakai seperti gelang) di hadapan orang yang tidak dibolehkan memandang aurat atau hiasan mereka. Aurat wanita adalah seluruh tubuh badan kecuali muka dan tapak tangan.
Perempuan yang beriman dilarang memukul kaki agar diketahui periasan yang mereka sembunyikan, seperti gelang kaki. Para ulama fiqh juga telah menarik kesimpulan secara qiyas bahawa jikalaulah dilarang wanita beriman daripada berbuat demikian, maka suara wanita itu lebih-lebih lagi mendatangkan fitnah kepada lelaki ajnabi daripada bunyi gelang kaki. Pengaruh suara perempuan ke atas hati lelaki memang diakui juga oleh ahli-ahli psikologi moden. Oleh itu, apabila ada keperluan maka janganlah mereka bertutur kepada lelaki ajnabi itu dengan melunakkan suara agar tiada tergoda lelaki yang di dalam hatinya ada penyakit.
Firman Allah SWT : Surah Al Ahzab 32
mafhumnya :
u 32. Wahai isteri-isteri Nabi, kamu semua bukanlah seperti mana-mana perempuan Yang lain kalau kamu tetap bertaqwa. oleh itu janganlah kamu berkata-kata Dengan lembut manja (semasa bercakap Dengan lelaki asing) kerana Yang demikian boleh menimbulkan keinginan orang Yang ada penyakit Dalam hatinya (menaruh tujuan buruk kepada kamu), dan sebaliknya berkatalah Dengan kata-kata Yang baik (sesuai dan sopan).

Sifat-sifat pakaian wanita islam
1. ** Menutup aurat dan perhiasan seperti yang dikehendaki Syara’.
2. ** Pakaian itu janganlah sempi atau ketat sehingga menampakkan bentuk tubuh
3. ** Pakaian itu tidak terlalu nipis
4. ** Pakaian itu tidak menyerupai pakaian lelaki
5. ** Pakaian itu tidak menyerupai pakaian wanita kafir atau musyrik
6. **Pakaian itu bukan untuk bermegah-megah dan menunjuk-nunjuk
7. ** Pakaian itu tidak menarik perhatian
Hukum aurat dan hijab ini ialah untuk memelihara kehormatan, kesucian, dan kemuliaan orang-orang yang beriman, lebih-lebih lagi kaum wanita.
p/s : sedikit perkongsian daripada artikel yang sy dapat..


Dalam hadis nabi, ada disebutkan tentang garam. "Garam penghulu kepada lauk-pauk."
Betapa garam asalnya dari laut, apabila disejatkan menghasilkan kristal garam. Unsur tanah terdapat di dalamnya kerana dasar laut juga adalah tanah. Sebab itu garam juga diperoleh dari bukit dan dikenal sebagai garam bukit.

Kegunaan garam

1.Membuang busuk ikan. Ikan apabila sudah lama terdedah di darat akan menjadi busuk. Untuk menghilangkan hanyir ini, ikan diredam dalam air garam.

2.Merendam kerang supaya hilang tahinya. Dalam kaedah perubatan Islam, sesuatu perkara yang buruk diubat dengan asalnya. Kerang berasal dari laut, dan garam digunakan untuk meneutralkan keburukannya (tahi).
3.Mengurang tahap kemasinan ikan masin. Ikan kering yang terlalu masin boleh dikurangkan kadar kemasinannya dengan merendam dalam air garam juga.

4.Mengubat ghout. Ghout disebabkan pemakanan makanan laut yang berlebihan. Orang yang tinggal berhampiran pantai boleh menanam badan dalam pasir laut. Bagi mereka yang tinggal di bandar, garam kasar digoreng dan didemahkan di tempat sakit ketika garam masih panas.

5.Merawat cirit-birit. Direa boleh diubat dengan meminum air yang dicampur sedikit garam.

6.Merawat mabuk perjalanan. Sesetengah orang akan mengalami mabuk perjalanan setelah melepasi tempoh tertentu. Untuk merawat mabuk perjalanan, garam dicampur madu dan air dan diminum sebelum memulakan permusafiran.

7.Garam diguna untuk merawat kegatalan. Air yang dicampur garam disapukan pada kulit yang gatal.

8.Menambah imuniti badan akibat perubahan hawa/angin. Hal ini berlaku di sesetengah tempat di negeri Arab. Misalnya pelajar Malaysia yang berkunjung ke Arab akan mengalami alahan terhadap hawa/angin tempat baharu. Air garam diminum sebagai ubatnya.

9.Menghilangkan penat kerana kerja berat. Amalan orang-orang Melayu tradisional yang bertani, bersawah atau bertukang ialah meminum air sejuk yang dicampur garam.

10.Mengelak sihir/gangguan jin bagi mereka yang bermalam di hutan. Garam adalah sumpahan jin. Garam yang dijampi dengan Al-Fatihah (sekali) dan ayat al-Kursi (ayat 255 surah al-Baqarah – 7 kali) ditabur di sekeliling khemah.

11.Mengelak gangguan syaitan/jin kepada bayi. Ada ketikanya bayi menangis waktu malam disebabkan dia nampak syaitan, bukan kerana lapar. Untuk mengatasi masalah ini, garam dicampur dengan bawang merah, bawang putih dan lada hitam. Campuran itu diletak dalam gelas/cawan/bekas yang terbuka. Bekas itu diletakkan di bahagian kepala bayi.

12.Mengelak panahan iblis bagi lelaki yang beristeri kerana bekerja di kawasan hutan. Petua Melayu tradisional apabila ke hutan mereka akan terserempak dengan jin yang menjelma sebagai perempuan bogel di sungai. Akibatnya mereka teringat-ingat kepada jelmaan makhluk itu sehingga mengabaikan isterinya. Cara mengatasinya sama seperti yang dinyatakan dalam nota 10.

13.Mengubat orang yang diganggu jin. Bagi orang dewasa yang dikhianati (disihir) cara mengubatnya ialah dengan meletakkan garam yang dijampi dengan al-Fatihah di perdu lidah. Perdu lidah ialah bahagian bawah lidah yang apabila diangkat akan nampak urat hijau lidah.

p/s : i got this from my friend via email..

Six ways to get motivated


Extracted from article by Chris Widener on the internet

Here are six tips to stay motivated:


Zig Ziglar was once confronted about being a "motivational speaker." The guy said to him, "You guys come and get people hyped up and then you leave and the motivation goes away. It doesn’t last, and then you have to get motivated again." Zig reminded the gentleman that baths are the same way but we think it is a good idea to take a bath every day!

It is true that motivation doesn’t last. We have to renew it each and every day. That is okay. It doesn’t make motivation a bad thing. We simply have to realize that if we want to stay motivated over the long term, it is something we will have to apply to ourselves each and every day.


The root word of motivation is "motive." The definition of motive is, "A reason to act." This is the cognitive or rational side of motivation. It is your vision. You have to have a vision that is big enough to motivate you. If you are making $50,000 a year, it isn’t going to motivate you to set your goal at $52,000 a year. You just won’t get motivated for that because the reward isn’t enough. Maybe $70,000 a year would work for you. Set out a vision and a strategy for getting there. Have a plan and work the plan.


Much of motivation is emotional. I don’t know quite how it works but I do know THAT it works. Emotion is a powerful force in getting us going. Passion is an emotion, so fuel your passion. "Well, I like to work on logic," you may say. Great, now work on your passion. Set yourself on a course to have a consuming desire for your goal, whatever it is. Do whatever you can to feel the emotion and use it to your advantage!


You can build on your motivation by getting results. The harder you work, the more results you will get and the more results you get, the more you will be motivated to get more. These things all build on one another. If you want to lose weight, then lose the first few pounds. When the belt moves to the next notch you will get fired up to get it to the notch beyond that!


I can’t say this enough - listen to tapes. I still listen to tapes regularly. I buy tapes from other speakers and I learn and grow. Their successes motivate me to get my own successes! Read good books. Read books that teach you new ideas and skills. Read books that tell the stories of successful people. Buy them, read them, and get motivated! Buy great music and listen to it. I just did a spinning class at the club today. Whenever a good song came on, I was actually able to get motivated to ride faster! It gets you going and motivates you!


Sometimes you will just be clicking and sometimes you won’t. That is okay. It is the cycle of life. When you aren’t clicking, plug away. When you are clicking, pour it on because momentum will help you get larger gains in a shorter period of time with less energy. That is the Momentum Equation! When you are feeling good about how your work is going, ride the momentum and get as much out of it as you can!


  • Get motivated every day.
  • Have a vision for your life.
  • Fuel your passion.
  • Work hard enough to get results.
  • Put good materials into your mind.
  • Ride the momentum when it comes.

These are simple principles that when you put them to work regularly, will change your life by keeping you motivated all the time! Get going!

*****as usual..i got this article from my dad..and i want to share this with you...

3 most powerful principles

The Three Most Powerful Principles I Have Learned from Millionaires

By Dr. Robert Anthony
Creator of
Rich Mind Life Strategy

Over the years I have had the privilege to spend time with some very financially and spiritually enlightened people.

As a result, my personal life and the way I do business has changed...

In listening to these people talk and observing how they handle their personal and business lives, three very distinct and powerful traits came to my attention.

I believe if all these three traits were applied to your life, they would make such a dramatic change, that in a short time all the things you desire would show up in your life...including as much money as you desire.

I don't say that lightly, I really have been influenced by these three Spiritual Principles and their power. I believe – no, I KNOW, you will be too, if you apply them in your life.

Principle Number 1: They “KNOW” They Can Create Whatever They Desire...

Spiritual Millionaires choose what they want instead of focusing on what they don’t want. They never spend time thinking about what is “missing” from their life. Rather, they make a choice about what they want in their life.

Spiritual Millionaires have 100% confidence in the Law of Attraction. The have no doubt about their ability to create what they desire.

They don’t “believe” it - they KNOW it...

There is a world of difference between “believing” and “knowing”. When you “know” the truth about anything, there is no doubt.

You have 100% confidence...

Knowing is about trusting that you are the only one who knows what is right for you, that you are capable of handling whatever comes to you, and that you are clear on your intentions or the outcome you choose to create.

I've seen the power of being absolutely clear on my intentions for my life: They come true!

They have for me, and I watched the Spiritual Millionaires as their intentions came to reality for them as well.

Being clear on your intentions is a good first step.

However, a more powerful and life-changing step is trusting that those intentions are ALREADY a reality on the non-physical plane of consciousness, and that they must manifest in your physical reality if you do not hold any opposing thoughts.

And then, "Act As If..." your intentions are reality, now.

Not dishonestly, or outside of your true beliefs. But, to feel it, sense it, imagine how it’s going to "show up" in various situations once it manifests in your life.

Principle Number 2: They Take Action...

As I observed Spiritual Millionaires, I noticed that they didn't hesitate to move on their ideas and respond to situations that called for action in order to keep the momentum going.

Do you get the power of what this Principle is about?

If you're sitting waiting for something to happen, doing other "important" tasks rather than those that you know will produce the results you desire , you are wasting time and you are no closer to your desire.

Trust me on this one, I've waited for so many things in my life that never showed up!

Acting on your desire is habit that you desperately need to cultivate in order to get to where you want to be... Waiting will not do it...

I watched these Spiritual Millionaires, one after another, take immediate action, not out of fear or to ‘force’ things to happen, but because the next action they took brought them one step closer to their desire.

And, I saw tremendous results come into their lives... They don’t take unnecessary action. Instead, they use the leverage of energy, the same leverage of energy that creates everything in the universe.

I have seen these Spiritual Millionaires step into spaces of discomfort, and have courage to take action. It was also evident that they were as scared to take those steps as you and I are when we're faced with the choice of moving out of our comfort zone.


It's time to "Get Moving”, trust your intuition, your sense of knowing what the next step is, and take action...

We often wait for the "feeling to be right" first, before we take the action we know will bring us satisfaction. That's all back-to-front...

The feelings of satisfaction only comes from ACCOMPLISHMENT, not from pondering and procrastinating. (You knew that one, too, didn't you...)

Never try to force things to happen because you are afraid of what will happen if you don’t take a certain action. Instead, choose ‘inspired action’ that moves you toward what you want, not away from what you don’t want.

Acting on your intentions without trying to force things to happen will magnetize your desires by attracting people, places and opportunities into your into reality that you never would have even seen if you hadn't done so.

Principle Number 3: They Maintain an "Attitude of Gratitude...

Spiritual Millionaires maintain an “attitude of gratitude”...

Gratitude does not need explanation – you know how to be grateful. But did you know that gratitude brings you more of what you appreciate? Gratitude speeds along the manifestation of your desires.

When you find things that you appreciate and you use them as your point of focus, your world has to get better in every area of your life. Spiritual Millionaires know that every time they flood their mind with appreciation or gratitude they attract more of what they desire.

Look around you right now. What can you be grateful for? Make a list. Get into the authentic feeling of true gratitude...

Find something, anything, to be grateful for right now. When you are grateful, you're in a high energy vibration that will attract more things to be grateful for and more good things will come to you magically, drawn in by your feelings of gratitude.

Dr. Robert Anthony is the author of 15 books including the million copy best sellers "The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence" and "Advanced Formula for Total Success". His latest creation is the comprehensive life-changing program, Rich Mind Life Strategy.

Learn how to create a continual flow of money and riches in your life without struggle...

note: i got this article from my dad, while he got this article from a source on the internet..

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